Registration, Payment, Refund & Waitlist Policies

Registration Policy

For purposes of registration in the Denver Gay & Lesbian Flag Football League (DGLFFL) the term "registration" or "registered" indicates the DGLFFL has successfully received payment, player demographics, and skills survey as set forth by registration practices and policies detailed below.

Payment Policy

The Denver Gay & Lesbian Flag Football League has a "First to Pay, First to Play" Policy. Per this policy, player participation in this league is not considered registered until after payment funds are received. Registration is considered valid only if payment is received by the League's PayPal account by the due date determined by the Board.

Refund Policy

Once a player completes registration, their spot will be secured for the duration of the DGLFFL season(s) for which the player registered. If a player cannot participate, the player must contact the DGLFFL immediately to petition for a refund. Any refund awarded will be subject to an applicable processing fee. The player must petition for refund (less processing fee) prior to the date the jersey order is submitted for the season. There are no exceptions to this limitation.

Attrition & Waitlist Policy

Due to situational circumstances players may drop from participation or may become ineligible for participation in the league. To ensure that each team begins each season with a "full" roster, the DGLFFL will collect information from additional potential participants to build a "waitlist". If a player cannot participate and this is identified before the season begins the DGLFFL will attempt to register a waitlisted player to fill the open slot immediately. Once the season starts (first game day), each captain is given three weeks to contact and confirm roster participation (through team and game attendance, as well as participant nomination). Failure to contact a captain, and failure to appear on game day, may warrant disqualification as a participant on the team. After the third game day, a second draft from the "waitlist" will occur to fill each team's roster, as needed and as possible. Only once an open spot is identified will a "waitlist" participant become registered, and only once registration is done will the player be placed on a team. After the second week "waitlist" processing will occur only at the discretion of the DGLFFL Captain's Coordinator and will be considered an emergency exception.

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