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Past Seasons

That's a Wrap on Spring 2024

After an exciting Championship Day, Blue Boas took home the Spring 2024 title and trophy! Congratulations to our second-place finishers (The Blockbusters), our third-place finishers (Triggered Tiggers), and all of the individuals who won Rookie of the Year, Little Miss Sunshine, and Down & Dirtiest at Sunday's Closing Party. Congratulations to Becky Lee for winning Referee of the Season, to Nash Albrecht and Lindsay Mayfield for winning Captain(s) of the Season, and to Buddylicious for winning Team Spirit Award! And a heartfelt congratulations to our second-ever Commissioner's Award recipient, Bryan Reeves!

Though we could only recognize one referee, one captain-duo, one community member, and one team for these special awards, there were so so many deserving nominees. It's clear in the feedback we've received, the Kudos posted online, and the chatter at the fields that our league is thriving thanks to the wonderful leaders who step up to give back. So many teams and individuals embodied the spirit and mission of the DGLFFL this season. We can't wait to continue that great work in the fall!

Spring 2024 Champions: Blue Boas

Spring 2024 Team Spirit Award Winners: Buddylicious

Spring 2024 Captains of the Season: Lindsay Mayfield and Nash Albrecht

Spring 2024 Referee of the Season: Becky Lee

Commissioner Reggie Nubine with Spring 2024 Commissioner's Award Recipient Bryan Reeves